Sweethearts Collection Scent Reveals!

My first collection of 2022 is almost here! Featuring so many sweet scents for you and your sweetheart!

Sweet Valentine

Sweet but beautiful scent with notes of bright citrus and juicy fruits! Tied together with sweet florals and fresh greens and underlying notes of sweet musk, coconut and spiced vanilla!

Strawberries and Champagne

Beautiful blend of sweet, juicy strawberries with sparkling champagne! featuring a crisp blend of white grapes with juicy pear and sweet peach! Perfect candle to light during your at home Valentine's date :)

Rose Petals

The perfect red rose scented candle! Top notes of ozone and green leaves with the heart of rose, carnation, and lily of the valley at the base!

Sugared Berries

Imagine cotton candy but *fancy*! This scent features fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry, and black currant but perfectly balanced out with base notes of tonka, vanilla, and light musk.

Pink Sugar Macarons

Warm, buttery top notes of crushed almond, sugar, and warm vanilla perfectly blended with a sweet sugar blend of cotton candy and lemon drops!


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This scent was a customer favorite last year and I was debating on bringing it back and decided I had to! I love this candle so much from the scent to the design! It's also super fun for me to make. The candle features a sweet strawberry base with a chocolate whipped topping and topped with chocolate covered strawberries made from wax! 

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